vTuning™ Pro Series

A groundbreaking audio technology platform.

The ultimate tool for professional musicians, engineers, producers, mixers, film and TV composers and musical theater companies.

Tune sound to your unique listening signature and hear all of the excitement of music at significantly lower volume levels.

Acudora vTuning™ Pro Series is fully integrated with Muse Research’s RECEPTOR 2+. This single VST provides access to the powerful features of three innovate products from Acudora:

  • vTuning™
  • HDph2x™

Acudora’s core technology, vTuning allows you to tune sound to your unique individual aural profile, what we refer to as Acoustic DNA™. vTuning dynamically enhances sound through a process of non-linear compression, complementing the gain expansion of your hearing across 100 quarter-Bark stereo bands with a throughput latency below 5 milliseconds to overcome your decreased sensitivity to higher frequencies, as first shown by Fletcher + Munson. Everyone loses definition in the higher frequences as the volume decreases. And that’s where the excitement is in music – speech sibilance, voice breathiness, ride and hi-hat cymbals, etc. That’s why we all turn it up louder! But vTuning allows you to improve your listening experience at significantly lower volume – preserving your hearing.


DBM CLAS, or Compressive Loudness Audio Shaping (a variant of New York Compression), targets the low registers in a manner that complements vTuning. Derived from the popular Refined Audiometrics Laboratory CLAS, DBM CLAS is applied separately to low and high frequencies divided at 725 Hz; dynamically enhancing bass and treble to make the sound you hear richer and fatter thus helping engineers add spice and body to recordings.


HDph2X is delayed crossover that allows headphones to simulate the sound of stereo speakers for those times when playback through speakers isn’t an option. HDph2X models body shadowing and facial surface waves at 5kHz.


Muse Research’s Receptor 2+ is the perfect platform for Acudora’s vTuning™ Pro Series. Many leading musicians and composers rely upon RECEPTOR 2+ to run virtual instruments and effects with unrivaled stability, speed and performance. Like the vTuning™ Pro Series, RECEPTOR 2+ was designed for one purpose—to make music. Together they deliver, in one road-ready metal case, the software and audio hardware you need to create your best work—and then take it from the studio to the stage.