Process and recognize speech with clarity.

Acudora’s technology system is designed to embrace the complexity and performance of hearing.


Acudora aims to deliver vDBM/vTuning to any smartphone, tablet, or headset. Our embedded software transforms digital sound no matter the source – voice calls, vChat, mp3s, or movies – Acudora enhances the digital signal. Our vDBM technology also extends cell-phone battery life by more than 200% while achieving 90% of available voice quality at the listening end despite ambient noise during phone calls.

A Demonstration

Our forefathers, who designed the POTS telephone bandpass, had a bit more than conventional wisdom working for them. About 3/4 of audio amplification power is wasted on portions of the voice frequencies that don’t add anything to intelligibility. Wide band (HD Audio), while adding some aesthetics to voice communications, really isn’t necessary for the main purpose of phone calls, which is to communicate clearly with each other.

And when standing in the presence of ambient background noise, the listener has a hard time understanding the voice coming over the phone. Volume boost has been the only way to deal with this situation… until now…

Acudora’s vDBM technology applies adaptive ambient noise-aware, frequency selective, voice amplification to the incoming sound, tuned to the physics of human hearing, so that the brain can reassert its selective focus (the “cocktail party” effect). And it amplifies only those portions of the voice spectrum that really lead to increased intelligibility — no matter where you are. We are 350% more effective at restoring clarity to the conversation, compared to mere volume boost. And we use 1/4 as much audio amplification power, which can extend battery life by more than 200%.

While HD Audio telephony is the latest rage, the overwhelming majority of phone calls will continue to use some variant of POTS quality for some time to come. Either way, vDBM can handle whatever bandwidth voice channel you wish to use. What is important for communication are the voice frequencies, not the whole range of frequencies.

Why wouldn’t everyone want to increase listening intelligibility while also extending battery life by a considerable factor?

Check out our vDBM technology today.


Acudora’s core technology, vTuning, allows you to tune sound to your unique individual aural profile – what we refer to as AcousticDNA™. vTuning dynamically enhances sound through a process of non-linear compression thus complementing the gain expansion of your hearing. Everyone loses definition in the higher frequencies as the volume decreases or as ambient noise increases. Higher frequencies are where the excitement is in all sound – speech sibilance, voice breathiness, the ride and hi-hat cymbals, etc. That’s why we all turn it up louder when listening to music! But vTuning allows you to improve your listening experience at significantly lower volumes.