What People Are Saying About Acudora

Eric Brewer, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley says:

“There have been billions of dollars spent on using computing to improve communications, but Acudora attacks the problem more directly: computing that improves hearing – for everyone. Acudora applies the principles of digital signal processing for the “last inch” to improve what you hear in a way that is essentially magic.

  • Matt Christiano

    “Acudora’s vTuning technology represents a significant breakthrough for improving a person’s ability to enjoy music and improve their “audible acuity”, especially in the upper ranges of hearing. This improved clarity should improve the functionality of everything from headsets to medical devices across a variety of markets. Advances in signal processing technology like vTuning are very exciting, and we are pleased that our RECEPTOR platform can help deliver this technology to market.”

    Matt Christiano
    CEO of Muse R&D

  • Brad Lewis

    “vTunning made me feel like I had unprecedented control over music and film dialog, efx, etc. I could enhance not only my listening preferences in general, but in very specific ways according to how I wanted to listen and experience the audio. I felt like I had a very powerful personal EQ that was unique not only to my needs, but to my desires. It also opened up a new revelation for me, that is, there are times when I want to listen to the same music or tracks in different ways on different days; It changed the dynamic of the listening experience to that degree.

    When you A/B the pre-vTunning versus the post-vTunning, it made me feel as if I had been experiencing audio through a fog filter. To coin a phrase, it was an “ear opener! ”

    Brad Lewis
    Feature Animation Director, Digital Domain/Tradition Studios
    Co-Director of Cars 2; Producer of Ratatouille and ANTZ

  • Chris Bannon

    “Adjusting sound to accommodate an individual’s unique listening signature is an exciting concept. I’m pleased to see members of the local scientific and business communities collaborating to transform such innovations into commercially-viable products.”

    Chris Bannon
    Director of Economic & Enterprise Development
    College of Science University of Arizona

  • Joaquin Ruiz, PhD

    “I have long advocated scientific research and development as being vital to the economy of Arizona as well as the well being of our nation’s citizens. It is exciting to see a local scientist apply his knowledge of physics, computer science, and signal processing to create a technological platform with potential applications in many areas of human endeavor. I will watch with interest as Acudora develops new products based on this technology.”

    Joaquin Ruiz, PhD
    Dean, College of Science
    University of Arizona

  • Jeffrey Goldberg, PhD

    “I am impressed with Acudora’s vTuning technology. It’s an elegant solution for overcoming fundamental limitations in human auditory perception, particularly for individuals who have difficulty hearing higher frequencies with clarity. All of us have unique listening signatures and being able to fine-tune sound to accommodate our personal needs is an exciting prospect.”

    Jeffrey Goldberg, PhD
    Dean, College of Engineering
    University of Arizona

  • Michael Diesenhouse, MD

    “Our five senses are essential to the formation of accurate, ongoing impressions of the world around us. While my work focuses on improving my patients’ eye sight, as a physician I recognize the impact any type of hearing deficiency can have on an individual’s daily life. Acudora’s vTuning technology could be applied to a variety of audio-related products and change the way we perceive the sounds around us and by doing so enhance how we see the world.”

    Michael Diesenhouse, MD
    President, Eye Associates of Tucson

  • Michael Voevodsky

    “Acudora’s vTuning technology is very exciting, particularly in terms of its potential application across a variety of markets. Allowing individuals to increase the clarity with which they hear sounds – particularly in higher frequency ranges – could improve the functionality of everything from headsets to medical devices. Technological advances such as vTuning can have a significant impact on people’s health and well being.”

    Michael Voevodsky
    CEO, Salutaris Medical Devices

  • Tricia Parks

    “As an actress, I use my voice and body to create a character. If audience members miss any nuance of how I deliver a line, their understanding of the character and appreciation of my performance could be diminished. I will be delighted to see how future applications of the vTuning technology platform can help everyone at any performance clearly hear every sound, whether spoken, sung, or created with an instrument.”

    Tricia Parks
    Founder & President, BurritoBoards Creative, Inc.