Who We Are

Company Overview

Our Mission

To successfully transform a groundbreaking invention into a marketable product requires ingenuity, experience & collaboration so we’ve assembled a formidable team of engineering and technology development experts and legal, marketing and financial professionals advised by academic and industry leaders.

David McClain – Read Bio

Like many companies, Acudora traces its origin to a brilliant and tireless visionary who was inspired by personal circumstances to devise a compelling solution to a complicated universal problem. After his hearing was impaired following a health issue, Acudora, Inc Founder & Chief Scientist David McClain, could no longer fully enjoy his life-long passion for composing and listening to music. Armed with tenacity, a PhD in physics and nearly 30 years of working experience in computer hardware and software design, astrophysics and signal processing, McClain designed experiments to learn the components and limitations of human hearing. After more than a decade of experimentation, calculation and development, David emerged with a comprehensive knowledge of sound and an understanding of how we hear. Using these principles, he created the core technology behind Acudora.

Quan Nguyen, Vice President of Business Development, ensures our IP is properly protected. Corey Rogers, leads our Licensing and Strategic Partnership initiatives in conjunction with our marketing efforts. David Cohen, Helene Barab and Brent McDonnell provide top quality financial, human resources and sales leadership.

Our Values

  • Passion

    We are dedicated to searching for new solutions in sound technology and are committed heart and soul to improving the listening experience for everyone.

  • Innovation

    We are driven to continuously push the limits of technology, to improve our solutions, to question the status quo, to challenge ourselves as a company and to strive for excellence.

  • Cooperation

    Our team of scientists, designers, engineers, audiology experts and artists use their skills and experience in collaboration with our customers and our partners to find the best solutions for their needs and products.

  • Care

    We truly care about our customers and partners and treat every relationship with respect, authenticity and honesty.