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  • Acudora Nominated for Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity


    Woot! Woot! Acudora has been nominated for a SPIFFY award by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. First of all, we love getting to visit CA and two, we are nominated for the Zephyr award. This is a testament to the power of our revolutionary technology vDBM and vTuning and of all the hard work […]

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  • vDBM – A New Kind of CODEC


    For decades, engineers in telephony have been creating ever more elaborate CODECs attempting to minimize transmission bandwidth, while increasing the fidelity of audio reproduction at the receiving end. The MOS (Mean Opinion Score) has traditionally been used to grade these improvements. It measures on a scale from 0 to 5 the subjective appeal of sound […]

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  • Acudora’s vDBM Technology Extends Cell-Phone Battery Life by More Than 200%


    Our forefathers, who designed the POTS telephone bandpass, had a bit more than conventional wisdom working for them. About 3/4 of audio amplification power is wasted on portions of the voice frequencies that don’t add anything to intelligibility. Wide band (HD Audio), while adding some aesthetics to voice communications, really isn’t necessary for the main […]

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  • It’s Not About the Speakers


    The recent article by former record producer Steven Gutenberg (“When will we have perfect speakers?”) is very thought provoking for a few reasons. One specific reason is his idea that music has become so dependent on technology that we can’t reproduce it in a way that sounds like the original sound. Has technology ruined the […]

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  • The Cost of Hearing


    I recently read an article by Michelle Andrews entitled “Say What? Most Insurance Covers Little Of The Cost Of Hearing Aids” As you probably guessed, the article is about the high cost of hearing aids and how insurance companies are far from jumping to help the consumer – but they’re getting there (kind of). Here’s […]

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  • A Look Inside Acudora


    Part of the reason we decided to start writing blog posts for our website was to give a face to Acudora. We’re not some company with robots running things in the background or no-name executives. We’re real people with real personalities and we want to give you a sense of that. Build a relationship of […]

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  • CTIA – The Excitement and the Aftermath


    If you’ve read any of the posts on any of our social media outlets or blogs you know by now that Acudora was chosen to be a guest of the Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase at this year’s CTIA Wireless convention. Our team traveled from Tucson to New Orleans for a week of networking, promotion, and […]

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  • Preparing for a Big conference/How we got Ready for CTIA


    CTIA is a few days away! And since we can’t really brag or tell you too much about why we’re completely excited to go, we’ve decided to put together a blog post about how we have gotten/are getting ready for CTIA. So, if you’re interested in how we did it or if you’re looking for […]

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  • The Loudness Wars


    This is an image from wikipedia’s entry on loudness wars and this is a perfect example of what is happening in the recording industry. Why does this matter? It’s not because it really is all that loud, you can always turn down the volume of your stereo, it’s because all the good part of the […]

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  • Noise – “the secondhand smoke of our ears”


    Our brave and fearless CEO shared an article with the team here over the past weekend. I’ll say it was interesting and, to be honest, kind of frustrating. Here’s the article . Basically, it’s about Jacob’s discovery of the harmful effects that the noisy world we live in. The main reason I found the article frustrating […]

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